The Route

Route and Course Grit2gether MTB Challenge

Discover a course that’s as thrilling as it is scenic. The Grit2gether MTB Challenge takes you through a section of the Great Karoo, offering not just a test of your mountain biking skills but also an awesome wildlife experience.

Overview of the Race Course

The Grit2gether MTB Challenge is designed to be both a physical challenge and a journey through the diverse ecosystems of Tzamenkomst River Lodge. Each stage of the race offers unique terrains and opportunities to witness the Karoo’s native wildlife up close.
A man and woman using bright lights to go riding at night on their mountain bikes.

Friday Evening - "Together at Twilight"

Distance: 18km
Start Time: 06:00pm (Dusk)
Description: Begin your adventure side by side under the fading light of dusk. This evening prologue sets the tone for teamwork and unity as you ride through gentle terrains, perfect for spotting some of the Karoo’s nocturnal wildlife.

Stage 1

Saturday - "The Gritty Challenge"

Distance: 40km
Start Time: 10:00am
Description: As the main event of the weekend, this stage will test your endurance with varying elevations and technical sections. It’s during this challenging route that you’ll encounter diverse habitats, home to species such as the Golden Wildebeest, Black Impala, Mountain Zebra and more.

Stage 2

Sunday - "Tail end” Trail

Distance: 40km
Start Time: 09:00am
Description: Conclude your race with a ride that’s as rewarding as it is beautiful. This final stage allows for more relaxed pacing and ample time to appreciate the sprawling landscapes and the wildlife that call it home. It’s a perfect moment to reflect on the weekend and the efforts both you and your partner have put in.

"Karoo Cruiser" challenge

Saturday - "TZK GRIT XCM"

Distance: 80km (2 laps of 40km) for over 18’s or 40km (1x40km Lap) for 13 – 18 years 
Start Time: 09:00am
Description: Welcome to the TZK GRIT XCM, your chance to experience what we like to call the “Karoo Cruiser” challenge. This race combines the exhilaration of distance with a flatter, more manageable course, making it perfect for both seasoned racers aiming for speed and newcomers looking for an achievable entry into marathon cycling. With just 400 meters of elevation, the course allows participants to enjoy the vast, open landscapes of the Karoo without daunting climbs. Whether setting a personal record or simply soaking in the distance, the TZK GRIT XCM offers a unique blend of challenge and charm, making it a must-try for cyclists of all levels.

Wildlife Viewing

A Race Amongst the Game

Experience the thrill of riding among Giraffe, Springbok, and other majestic animals in their natural habitat. Tzamenkomst River Lodge’s expansive game reserve offers a unique backdrop, making the Grit2gether MTB Challenge unlike any other race. Keep your eyes peeled for:
Golden Wildebeest
Black, Copper, White, and common Springbok
Mountain Zebra
Barbery Sheep
And many more!

Ride Responsibly

Course Safety and Tips

Always stay on marked trails to ensure your safety and to protect the natural habitat of the wildlife.
Be prepared for varying weather conditions and terrain types. Carry sufficient water, use appropriate gear, and ensure your bike is in good condition. Wildlife encounters are exciting but remember to maintain a safe distance at all times.


Ready for the Adventure?

Embark on a journey where each pedal stroke brings you closer to nature’s wonders. The Grit2gether MTB Challenge is not just about the kilometres covered; it’s about the moments that take your breath away. Register now and gear up for an unforgettable race in the heart of the Great Karoo!

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